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Gyro Shack device mockup image

Gyro Shack

The Gyro Shack website rebuild focuses on modernizing user experience and enhancing visual appeal. Utilizing WordPress for flexibility and ease of management, the project aims to improve navigation, introduce responsive design for mobile users, and incorporate vibrant imagery to showcase menu offerings. Emphasis on SEO optimization ensures increased visibility.


Emporium Arcade Bar’s website redesign focused on captivating user interaction. Utilizing WordPress, the site now offers streamlined updates and event management capabilities, presenting their unique gaming and bar experience through dynamic visuals and an intuitive layout, boosting online presence and customer engagement.
Emporium Barcade device mockup image
The Personal Injury Pros device mockup

The Personal Injury Pros

Personal Injury Pros’ website overhaul delivered a professional, trust-inspiring online presence. Leveraging WordPress, the redesign focused on user-friendly navigation and clear information architecture, making legal services accessible while optimizing for SEO to reach a broader audience effectively.

Avalanche Pizza

Avalanche Pizza’s website transformation introduced a visually appealing experience with vivid photography to highlight their delicious offerings, significantly enhancing the brand’s digital footprint and enticing more customers to explore their culinary creations.
Avalanche Pizza device mockup
minus 5 device mockup

Minus5 Icebar

Minus5 Icebar’s website redesign created an immersive digital experience that reflects their unique ice attraction. Built on WordPress, the site features interactive galleries and online booking capabilities, inviting visitors to explore their one-of-a-kind ice experience.

Breakaway Cafe

Breakaway Cafe’s website rebuild showcases its warm local charm and culinary delights. Powered by WordPress, the revamped site presents a welcoming interface, reflecting the community spirit of the cafe and attracting more patrons with its inviting digital presence.
Breakaway Cafe device mockup