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Project Description

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We believe that the foundation for a successful endeavor is a strong start. The planning stage is the place where you will spend the bulk of your time with any project. Face to face meetings with our clients is the way to gain a more complete understanding of their business goals and needs, and how we can best help meet them. We maintain clear channels of communication and areĀ available for changes from the beginning.


Bringing a unified Corporate image to life in the public realm is a challenging undertaking no matter the size of the business. Getting the right “look and feel” is as important these days as the product you are marketing. The challenge lies is bringing recognition to your brand or business.


When someone sees your product or company logo, they recognize it. Whether it is on advertising, Facebook or other social media, or your website on their smartphone, they will recognize and feel encouraged that your business or product is a reliable investment for them. That applies to any business and any product. Creating a feeling of trust through recognition.

Creative Process

Expression by Design

IAC logo badge
Dr Fixit logo
White Glove Wireless logo
Pantheon catalog mockup
ilash lab and Certified logo

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